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Cosmetic Dentist

The smile is everyone’s most crucial feature. A bright and beautiful smile is enough to enhance both appearance and self-esteem. Fortunately, you can improve your looks and oral health with the help of one of the best cosmetic focused dentists in San Antonio.

At Hernandez Dental & Implant Center, you can find a team of qualified dentists who can give you the perfect solution to your problem. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to change the shape and color of the teeth to improve the smile.

In this article, we will talk about cosmetic dentistry, what it offers, and where to find the best cosmetic dentist in San Antonio.

Where to find the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is all about modifying the appearance of teeth. As a result, you can have an improved smile. As expected, this requires trained professionals and high-quality equipment and materials.

Fortunately, you can find everything necessary at Hernandez Dental & Implant Center. Every dentist on the team is capable of providing outstanding results. After years of experience and training, each dentist is ready to analyze every case and offer a high-quality yet affordable solution. At Hernandez Dental & Implant Center, dentists focus on the patients’ well-being, trying to improve their appearance and their oral health.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on providing patients with treatment that enhances their aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures aim to improve and change teeth color, size, and shape. In the process, it also enhances how the patient’s smile looks. Furthermore, these procedures can be performed even if the teeth are completely healthy. Nonetheless, most of them are also designed to improve the patient’s oral health and solve the issue a tooth could be experiencing. A cosmetic focused dentist relies on different methods to design a tailor-made treatment plan, such as:

● Medical history:

Through dental anamnesis, the dentist can have a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition and get to know what they are looking for. Knowing the medical record also helps to understand the patient’s expectations toward the treatment.

● Clinical examination:

The dentist thoroughly evaluates the oral cavity and each tooth. As a result, the professional obtains a clear idea of the problem that the patient wants to change. The dentist might also take a digital scan or a traditional dental impression.

● X-ray evaluation:

X-rays are a fundamental part of treatment planning. It allows the dentist to identify any underlying problem that might not be visible clinically.

● Photograph:

Photographs are also essential in any cosmetic dentistry procedure. They help the dentist through the planning phase and are an invaluable way to evaluate the before and after results. Afterward, the dentist analyzes all the information gathered to design a treatment plan. This treatment plan aligns with the needs and expectations of the patient.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures

There are many types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. At Hernandez Dental & Implant Center in San Antonio, our providers offer the following procedures to anyone looking to improve their smile.

1. Whitening:

Dental whitening is the most common and simple cosmetic dentistry procedure. It is also the less invasive option.

Dental whitening only changes the color of teeth. It makes them look lighter and more aesthetically pleasing while keeping their original shape and size. This color change is usually enough to improve the patient’s smile drastically. Therefore, dental whitening is the perfect solution for anyone looking for quick results.

Dentists perform this procedure using a special gel whose active ingredient can remove stains. This active ingredient is usually hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. Both chemicals can penetrate the deep layers of the tooth where the stains are. Afterward, it removes them through a chemical process.

Most patients can achieve their desired results after just a couple of whitening sessions.


2. Veneers:

Veneers are a great treatment option for patients who want to change the color and shape of their teeth. This treatment option consists of a thin shell that gets bonded to the frontal surface of the teeth. It allows the smile to look more aesthetically pleasing.

There are two main types of veneers:

  • Composite veneers: the dentist applies composite resin directly on top of the teeth to change their color and shape. These veneers are usually done in a single session and are easy to repair.
  • Porcelain veneers: porcelain possesses higher aesthetic properties than composite resin. These types of veneers are done over a dental impression. Once the veneers are ready, the dentist bonds them over the prepared teeth. Nonetheless, porcelain veneers might need more than one dental appointment until finished.

Dental veneers are also helpful sometimes to close small gaps between front teeth.

3. Restorations:

Although every dentist is qualified to perform restorations, cosmetic dentists tend to focus a bit more on the aesthetics of restorations that blend perfectly with the tooth. This results in a restoration that matches the color and anatomy of the damaged tooth.

Additionally, the cosmetic dentist can offer inlay and onlay restorations. These restorations are digitally designed and manufactured in house then bonded over the damaged portion of the teeth. Esthetic composite restorations are a great long-lasting solution for patients with an extensively damaged tooth.

4. Crowns:

A dental crown is a prosthetic restoration that consists of a cemented sheath over a heavily damaged tooth. It acts as a cap that covers the tooth entirely. It also protects the remaining portions of the tooth from fractures and decay.The crown is designed to look exactly like a natural tooth, blending perfectly with the teeth next to it. Crowns allow the patient to eat, smile, and talk with naturality.

Nowadays, crowns can be made entirely of ceramic. This material allows them to reflect light almost exactly as the tooth enamel. As a result, it provides outstanding and natural-looking results. Furthermore, dental crowns are extremely durable and resistant to fracture.

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Choosing a cosmetic dentist

Choosing a cosmetic dentist should not be taken lightly. To achieve the best results, the dentist must be highly skilled and have a great sense of aesthetics. Furthermore, the dentist should use only high-quality materials. It is highly recommended to choose a board-certified dentist that has a focus on cosmetics. In consequence, the professional can guarantee the quality of the treatment. Additionally, looking at before and after pictures of your particular case before it is even started can give you a broad idea of your results. This is typically achieved using digital software and cosmetic wax models to shape a predictable outcome.

For this reason, you should choose only the top-rated dentist to improve your smile.  Learn more About Dental service 

Is cosmetic dentistry for me?

Cosmetic dentistry is available for anyone who wants to change the way their smile looks. Whether you are looking for a small change or an entirely brand-new smile, a cosmetic dentist can be the solution.

It is essential to understand that cosmetic dentists focus on big changes but also on small details. Sometimes, a small and subtle change is the only thing a person needs to look great.

Affordable cosmetic dentistry near me

You can find the some of best cosmetic dentists in San Antonio at Hernandez Dental & Implant Center, where our team of providers makes sure to fulfill every patient’s goals and expectations. Furthermore, they offer affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures, ensuring everyone can achieve their desired smile.